Parent and Educator Resources

Common Sense Media has practical reviews on books, movies, apps, and more! This site contains helpful articles, and information in Spanish, too.

Connecticut Parent: Contains a wide variety of information about education, educational activities, and resources within Connecticut that parents will find helpful.

Free Learning Resources for Native American Heritage Month: A Common Sense Media article that suggests different lessons, resources, and activities connected to Native American Heritage Month, according to different grade levels.

The Holocaust: The First Book Market Place has joined up with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to create a free guide to teaching about the Holocaust. This guide is intended for children in grades 7-12.

Native Land Digital: Maps and educational resources, including lessons, regarding Indigenous peoples and communities.

Reading Rockets focuses on learning to read. This website includes lots of resources, activities, and literacy tips. Information is available in a wide variety of languages!

Screen Sanity is an international nonprofit that offers a variety of tips, tools and trainings, all designed to help families maximize the benefits of technology while minimizing its harmful side effects. 

Zero to Threes mission is to help infants and toddlers develop to their full potential. The website contains many resources and articles designed to help caregivers address a very wide variety of issues and concerns.

Access teacher resources, newspapers, magazines, and many other sources.