Saybrook Point

Over in our neighboring town of Old Saybrook is a place known as Saybrook Point. Saybrook Point is a spot right on the water next to the Connecticut River. This gem is a popular spot where people explore and gather to do all sorts of activities.

A popular attraction within Saybrook Point is the mini-golf course. The mini-golf course is open in the spring and summer for all those to enjoy. There is no particular theme to it, but in a way it does seem to represent the type of area that Old Saybrook is, a pleasant coastal town.

Saybrook Point is not just a place to play mini-golf and watch the ocean. In fact, it is also the home of Fort Saybrook Monument Park. All around the park there are storyboards that give the history of the area. One section of the area has an abundance of old rail tracks. Atop some of these tracks, large wheels from the battle are mounted.

On the hill beyond the tracks, there lies a perimeter of wooden stakes, which one could imagine might have been the outline of where the fort from the great battle once stood. This area contains several storyboards along with an American flag.

If you continue down the path, at the end of it, there is a statue in memory of Lion Gardiner, the “builder and commander of Saybrook Fort.” Next to the statue, there are storyboards, one on each side of it. One discusses the history of Lion Gardiner and the other discusses “Battlefields of the Pequot War: Siege and Battle of Saybrook Fort Historical Route.” The information from that second storyboard in particular comes up several times with various information throughout the park.

Along the paths, there is a point where it breaks off onto a short boardwalk. The boardwalk leads to a great view of “Tidal Marsh.” This area is a great place for photos or even just to sit and take in your surroundings. This section of the park is also a very popular spot amongst the many birds that reside within the area.

Across from the park, there is the Saybrook Point Resort and Marina Luxury Connecticut Oceanside Hotel. If you decide to stay in the area a while, this would be a great place to do so. The outer edge of the resort that faces the water gives a great view of the ocean and the many boats that traverse it. Even if you’re already from around here, it still makes for a great getaway location.

Overall, Saybrook Point makes for a nice coastal place to visit. Places like this are sometimes taken for granted, but this is one of those places that has a lot of depth to it, which makes it such a great place to visit and explore.

Photographs by Colin Heilmann.