Saville Dam and Barkhamsted Reservoir

If you are looking for a place to explore that isn’t near our town of Westbrook, the Saville Dam and Barkhamsted Reservoir is the place to go. At the dam and reservoir, there is a beautiful view of the reservoir itself, as well as views of areas below the dam.

Along the side of the reservoir, there is a small castle-like structure that is built part way into it, which makes for a great place to take photos. There are also some plaques and structures there that talk about the history of it.

In addition, just a few minutes down the road, there is also a great hiking trail to explore. The trail runs down through the woods alongside some streams and down to several waterfalls. The trail is relatively easy to traverse and leads you to see some wonderful views.

There are plenty more places to explore in that general area, which makes the Saville Dam and Barkhamsted Reservoir an excellent place to visit, and although it is not near our town of Westbrook, it is still worth the trip to be able to take in the views and adventures of that area.

Remember to always wear or carry your mask when you are out and adhere to wearing it if you come across other people less than six feet apart from you.

Photographs by Colin Heilmann.